Strange sightings on Port Meadow

Once upon a time, not so long ago, Port Meadow in Oxford looked like this:

Port Meadow 01

Now it looks like this:Port Meadow 04

Maybe, with a bit of effort, it could have been worse…

worseToday Oxford University’s Congregation decides what should be done about this; quite a lot of people favour taking a floor off.

Sketching Weakly wonders whether slightly more radical action could be needed.

on port meadow



Bond Bands

Here is a prized artefact, the 007 Superior Quality Rubber Bands Box:

James Bands

The bands inside are looking in pretty good condition and nicely striped:

bands insideI like to think of Bond (or should it be Band, James Band, Licensed to Elasticate…) seizing a few of the rubber projectiles to pling peas in the eye of Dr No or Rosa Klebb or Blofeld or whoever it is that day, perhaps with a special catapult he’d been given earlier by Q.

March of the Bots

Why pay a person to do something when a Bot could do it instead?

March of the Bots

Personally I like buying things from people. I reckon if nobody used the Bots they’d have to take them away.

If you find a noisy and intrusive ShopBot is getting on your nerves, here’s a handy label to keep in your bag and glue onto it:

Bagging area

Lizard Chart

Here is George the Lizard Thing who has been lying in a vat of water growing for most of January:


And here is Herbie’s chart of George’s growing progress:

Lizard Chart


The challenge: use this information to make a graph and determine the lizard-thing’s rate of growth.

Plotting the temporal axis looks looks problematical.




In a forgotten drawer Part 2

So which is the object which really does live in the Pitt Rivers?

It is….

the Magic Bun with Healing Powers. Here’s a picture of the bun:

magic bun

I thought the bun was 78 years old, but that information isn’t on its label. How did one use it to cure a cold? Nibble it lightly? Or put under the pillow? Or just inhale its scent? (which might be difficult if you have a cold.)

There isn’t a Ghost in a Bottle at the Pitt Rivers, but there is a Witch in a Bottle. Here she is:

witch in bottleThe label describes how it was got from an old lady living near Hove in about 1915, who said: “And they do say there be a witch in it, and if you let un out there’ll be a peck o’ trouble.”

So we’ll be leaving that one well alone then…

Join the RestOfTheWorldists

spacecatBonzetta, our Animals Correspondent, writes:

Want to join the Humanists, but realise you’re not human? Thinking of joining the Mammal Society, but remember that you’re a reptile? Finding it hard to join anything because you’re an amphibian? Or a fish? Or a plant? Well….join

The RestOfTheWorldists!

Join the Rest of the Worldists

Yes – the rest of the World can’t talk, but someone needs to give us a voice.

Here’s a campaign by the RSPB which calls for an act of parliament that would oblige future governments to protect wildlife.

¬†Would you like a RestOfTheWorldists poster? Contact Sketching Weakly through Mini’s website here with your name and address (Subject: Poster) and we will send out posters to the first 10 who get in touch.