Lizard Chart

Here is George the Lizard Thing who has been lying in a vat of water growing for most of January:


And here is Herbie’s chart of George’s growing progress:

Lizard Chart


The challenge: use this information to make a graph and determine the lizard-thing’s rate of growth.

Plotting the temporal axis looks looks problematical.




In a forgotten drawer Part 2

So which is the object which really does live in the Pitt Rivers?

It is….

the Magic Bun with Healing Powers. Here’s a picture of the bun:

magic bun

I thought the bun was 78 years old, but that information isn’t on its label. How did one use it to cure a cold? Nibble it lightly? Or put under the pillow? Or just inhale its scent? (which might be difficult if you have a cold.)

There isn’t a Ghost in a Bottle at the Pitt Rivers, but there is a Witch in a Bottle. Here she is:

witch in bottleThe label describes how it was got from an old lady living near Hove in about 1915, who said: “And they do say there be a witch in it, and if you let un out there’ll be a peck o’ trouble.”

So we’ll be leaving that one well alone then…