Strange sightings on Port Meadow

Once upon a time, not so long ago, Port Meadow in Oxford looked like this:

Port Meadow 01

Now it looks like this:Port Meadow 04

Maybe, with a bit of effort, it could have been worse…

worseToday Oxford University’s Congregation decides what should be done about this; quite a lot of people favour taking a floor off.

Sketching Weakly wonders whether slightly more radical action could be needed.

on port meadow



11 thoughts on “Strange sightings on Port Meadow

  1. Love the Great Green Monster! I’ll post that for my facebook friends, if I may – some of them may look at f’bk before they go to Congregation at 2.00…

  2. There is an article in this weeks Sunday Times about this- they suggest taking one storey down- horse – bolted- etc

  3. Nice to see some humour in a totally depressing story – and now we know the outcome… the whips and whipping boys were out in numbers

    • I think that’s on the plan for Option 1 which may well be the one that happens (painting it green could be surprisingly effective…), but expect trees will be but saplings…

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