Make an Insect Theatre

Here’s a printable pdf for the Theatre:

Theatre Page A3 to Print

Here I’ve cut the middle bit out.
I’ve put another A3 piece of paper behind as a background.
We need some actors! I’ve cut out Rod and the Troupe so they can all join in.
Now it’s time to try out some SCENERY! I found this picture of Jupiter and I’m trying it out…Rod and the Troupe could explore the Solar System…
But it’s fun to make your own scenery. I like drawing on tracing paper – you can paint with white paint on the back if you want to make your drawings opaque. I’ve been drawing a bit of garden.
Here it is slotted into the stage.
But now to introduce an element of Mild Danger, I’ve drawn this bird…
…ready to fly in and terrorise the Troupe!