I wish I hadn’t cried so much…

I’ve been doing a picture for Chapter 2 of Alice in Wonderland, for Dennis at Inky Parrot Press, who is creating a new and eclectically illustrated version of Alice. Drawing an Alice is quite a daunting task, in the shadow of Tenniel & all. But I like Alice – she is plucky and funny. Though she does seem to disgruntle every creature she meets through making tactless remarks.

Here’s Alice swimming around in a pool of her own tears, and about to meet a highly thin-skinned and easily offended mouse….Pool of Tears small

How to escape from Cake Space

Space Dog

You need a good map.

I’ve just finished the pictures for Space Dog, so here today is the sketch of Space Dog’s (all important) Space Map. In the first draft of the story he lost it, but now it just appears in the endpapers.