The RestOfTheWorldists Election Special

spacecatBonzetta, our Animals Correspondent, writes:

Want to join the Humanists, but realise you’re not human? Thinking of joining the Mammal Society, but remember that you’re a reptile? Finding it hard to join anything because you’re an amphibian? Or a fish? Or a plant? Well….join The RestOfTheWorldists!

With just a week till the election to go, the RestOfTheWorldists have been working on their Election Manifesto…

Election ManifestoMaybe an environmentally-friendly political party might consider a rethink of the National Planning Policy Framework…

And just in from Tony – some action shots of Bonzetta working on her manifesto:Bonzetta at Work01….and still hard at it a bit later…

Bonzetta at Work02…mostly thinking about it….


What the Cretaceous…?

What the cretaceous Highlights from Herbie’s dinosaur collection: The Improbably-Modelled Prehistoric Creature Awards.

anky0212th place: is it a Kentrosaur? Or a sort of Ankylosaur?

Toro close up11: Maybe this beauty is a Protoceratops.

Yellow Rex In 10th place: I think this is some sort of stooping yellow T-Rex, but it might be an Allosaurus with neck problems.

Anky9: Another jaunty yellow one – perhaps a sort of Ankylosaurus that can amazingly walk about on two legs? – nice jolly lipstick.

Gadzilla8: Lovely green texture makes me think of Godzilla – again a dash of bright lip colour. Looks like a sort of hadrosaur – Corythosaurus, maybe?

Para close up7: Rather ghostly head-crest and glowing red eyes make this Parasauralophus look like a predatory visitor from an alien planet.

T-REX6: The modelling of the T-Rex is conventional, but it is given a hellish patina by a home-made paint job.

Horn nose5: Perhaps an Iguanadon modelled from the early times, when the thumb-spike was attached to the nose? But then, from the teeth it looks like a carnivore.

lizardy4: Nice active stance makes this lizard creature look like it’s about to have a round in the boxing ring…or is it doing some funky dancing? Not even trying to guess what it is.

DIPPYThird prize: This one’s just a friendly diplodocus who looks like he’s perhaps telling you a joke or having a chat about the weather.

steg03Second place: It makes me think anteater, but it’s actually Stegosaurus.

Mrs TriceratopsFirst place – this lovely Triceratops has really gone to town with eye shadow, blusher and lippy – a truly glamorous herbivore.

PS: If you love plastic dinosaurs, you might like this post from the Grant Museum, and also the DinoToy Blog, here’s a fab item

Draw Me a Story

The Draw Me A Story exhibition is now on at the Story Museum in Pembroke Street in Oxford, with pictures and all sorts from Quentin Blake, Emily Gravett, Korky Paul, Yasmeen Ismail, Nick Sharrat – and me.  There’s artwork, sketchbooks, things to find and do, and even a tame illustrator at work in the Illustrator Zoo!

Here’s some more about it.

Draw me a story

Hermelin Types