Meet The Relatives

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Meet The Relatives is a collection of 25 minibeast prints, made by Mini. Each is signed and framed. The framed prints are 11.5cm wide X 11.5 cm high, and 3.5cm deep. Framed prints are on sale for £15 plus £4 postage and packing.

Here are some of the individual beasts.

Print08 G

Gary the Grasshopper

Print03 Cpn P

Captain Peacock

Print01 Mrs H

Mrs Henderson the Painted Lady Butterfly

Print05 E

Edna the Earwig

Print02 Mrs B

Mrs Baker the Ladybird

Print07 H

Hilbert the Worm

Print06 J

Josephine the Dragonfly

Print04 P

Priscilla the Wasp

Four Prints

Here are the full 25 Relatives to choose from:

01 Sneil

No 1: sNeil the Snail

02 Gary

No 2: Gary the Grasshopper

03 Dorrit

No 3: Dorrit the Tadpole

04 Hector

No 4; Hector the Dung Beetle

05 Mabel Lurk

No 5: Mabel & Lurk the Woodlice

06 Amanda

No 6: Great Aunt Amanda the Mantis

07 Gerald

No 7: Uncle Gerald the Fly

08 Rod

No 8: Rod the Roach

09 Priscilla

No 9: Priscilla the Wasp

10 Boris

No 10: Boris the Slug

11 Matilda

No 11: Matilda the Mosquito

12 edna

No 12 Edna the Earwig

13 Weevil

No 13: Mrs Weevil

14 Heffenfurter

No 14: FV Heffenfurter the Cockchafer

15 Mrs Henderson

No 15: Mrs Henderson the Painted Lady

16 Tibbles

No16: Tibbles the Silverfish

17 Hilbert

No 17: Hilbert the Worm

18 Vladimir

No 18: Vladimir the Tick

19 peacock

No 19 Captain Peacock Butterfly

20 Amos

No 20: Cousin Amos the Rove Beetle

21 Stavros

No 21: Stavros the Greek Moth

22 Loretta

No 22: Loretta the Goliath Beetle

23 Josephine

No 23: Josephine the Dragonfly

24 Mrs Baker

No24: Mrs Baker the Ladybird

25 Bumblehilda

No 25: Queen Bumblehilda the Forty-Seventh the Queen Bee

All the relatives sm

Here’s the framed version of all 25. It’s 35.5cm X 35.5cm and 3.5cm deep, and on sale for £250, plus £5 postage and packing.

big pic best If you’d like to order a Meet the Relatives print, please use the form below.

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