Turd Alert

Our street tends to be often perilously bedeckled with dog poo. Usually right outside our own doorstep, where there is a lamp post. To help stop occasions of dismay at inadvertently stepping in an offering, Sketching Weakly brings you the Cut-Out & Keep Turd Alert Flags.Turd Aler Flags smallAll you need to make them is: scissors, Pritt stick, cocktail sticks, a small amount of cardboard box, and a print out of this pdf (see link below):

Turd alert

Now you can draw attention to a hazardous dropping, and also try & match the poo with its possible creator.

Make sure you don’t step in the same turd twice.

Strange sightings on Port Meadow

Once upon a time, not so long ago, Port Meadow in Oxford looked like this:

Port Meadow 01

Now it looks like this:Port Meadow 04

Maybe, with a bit of effort, it could have been worse…

worseToday Oxford University’s Congregation decides what should be done about this; quite a lot of people favour taking a floor off.

Sketching Weakly wonders whether slightly more radical action could be needed.

on port meadow



March of the Bots

Why pay a person to do something when a Bot could do it instead?

March of the Bots

Personally I like buying things from people. I reckon if nobody used the Bots they’d have to take them away.

If you find a noisy and intrusive ShopBot is getting on your nerves, here’s a handy label to keep in your bag and glue onto it:

Bagging area

In a forgotten drawer Part 2

So which is the object which really does live in the Pitt Rivers?

It is….

the Magic Bun with Healing Powers. Here’s a picture of the bun:

magic bun

I thought the bun was 78 years old, but that information isn’t on its label. How did one use it to cure a cold? Nibble it lightly? Or put under the pillow? Or just inhale its scent? (which might be difficult if you have a cold.)

There isn’t a Ghost in a Bottle at the Pitt Rivers, but there is a Witch in a Bottle. Here she is:

witch in bottleThe label describes how it was got from an old lady living near Hove in about 1915, who said: “And they do say there be a witch in it, and if you let un out there’ll be a peck o’ trouble.”

So we’ll be leaving that one well alone then…