Pie Cycling in Somerset

Sketching Weakly couldn’t help but admire this pie cycling shirt while at large near Exmoor.IMG_3120Here is Tony in a shady gazebo scanning for bird life.

IMG_3113Here’s a bit of the Shady Gazebo. But technically speaking it is probably a Bower.IMG_3121A small gathering in the Shady Bower.




4 thoughts on “Pie Cycling in Somerset

  1. What a nice loose group of sketches. You inspired me to stretch my sketch muscle. Thank you.

  2. I think you should draw a “pie-cycle”. Obviously, pizza pies (or maybe, ahem, Pecan Pies!) for tyres.

    • A bike chain of mini mince pies and a frame of sausage rolls glued together with cheese, all nicely greased with butter? Going to a spin could be quite messy…

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